About me

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Who am I?

My name is Christian Rodriguez Benthake, a 28-year-old software engineer and freelancer with an emphasis in (PHP) backend development.
Additionally, I am engaged in the OSS-Community - e.g translating documentations, building software, or contributing to existing projects. Prior to COVID-19, I attended meetups, conferences, and co-working spaces e.g TYPO3 DevDays.

I currently reside and work remotely in Stuttgart, Germany. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, travelling, paragliding, or just reading a book and spending time with my wife and watching K-Drama with her.

My technology stack

Over the years, I have worked with various languages and applications.
Here is a brief overview:

  • PHP, especially modern PHP (>=7.x). e.g. This website is written with the latest PHP 8.2
    • Frameworks: Symfony, ...
    • CMS: PimCore, TYPO3, WordPress
    • Testing: PHPUnit, Codeception, Psalm, phpstan, Rector, ...
    • and plenty more ...
  • JavaScript (mainly ES6+)
    • TypeScript
    • Frameworks: React, Vue, alpinejs
  • DevOps
    • docker, hetzner cloud
    • webservers: nginx and apache
    • CI/CD: gitlab, bitbucket, github, JetBrains Space

I currently am learning rust. The PHP 8.0 docker image I created uses rust-lang to build the Dockerfiles based on templates.
Learn more about that docker image
That docker image can be used for PHP 8.0 in production and development, for nginx and cli usage, and runs on either debian or alpine.

What I work with:

  • Developing: The entire suite provided by JetBrains, mainly PHPStorm and DataGrip
  • VCS: JetBrains Space, gitlab and github
  • OS: Since many years on Ubuntu-Linux
  • Project-Management: Freelancing: JetBrains Space; Work: Jira


I currently work at eCentral GmbH as my main job, and am a freelancer in my spare time.
I do not work fulltime as a freelancer, and I do not plan to change that in the foreseeable future.


Moved to Stuttgart, Germany

since 2021

eCentral GmbH (fgtclb)

Software Engineer

  • e.g TYPO3, Pimcore, Magento Symfony, Laravel, vue.js, react, docker and rust


Moved to Kiel, Germany

since 2017

anders und sehr GmbH (Pluswerk AG)

Working as a web developer in an agency

  • implementing larger PIM-systems, API-applications, and more using:
  • e.g Pimcore, TYPO3, Symfony, Laravel, vue.js and docker
  • since August 2020: working remotely

2014 to 2017

audius AG

C#-Developer Apprenticeship (Dual Study)

  • C#, .NET, App-Development (iOS and Android), T-SQL
  • Visual Studio, MS-TFS

2014 to 2017

Duale Hochschule Baden-W├╝rttemberg

Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

  • subjects included app & webdevelopment, C, Scheme, IoT etc.


Moved to Stuttgart, Germany


Began freelancing as a web developer

  • developed a simple website based on php for a client



  • born in a small town in East-Frisia (Germany)